Opening Remarks

Jay Prosser, University of Leeds

Karen Robinson, Amnesty International, USA

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Opening Remarks

Panel 1 - Becoming Iconic
How do atrocity images get to be seen in public? How do certain of these images become iconic?

Panel 2 - Atrocity and Information
What can images of atrocity tell us? What canít they tell us?

Panel 3 - Photography in the World From picturing atrocity to reducing atrocity: how can we look and react usefully?

Panel 4 - Response and Responsibility
What can be done with atrocity images? How should they be shown and used?

Keynote 1 – Reflections as a Journalist: Words and the Image

Panel 5 - Archives and Memory
What happens after publication? The artist’s responsibility for images and communities.

Keynote 2 – Photography in Crisis? Some Finer Distinctions

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